Kufrík Gerda - veľryba (SK)

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In transport, we cooperate with our partner transport company Packeta (formerly Zásielkovňa), which has a large number of pick-up points in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and other EU countries. It also provides delivery to the customer's address, either directly through its own delivery service or through other carriers.

Shipping time in Slovakia and the Czech Republic is usually 2-3 working days. This transport time may be affected by seasonal onslaught or external influences (anti-pandemic measures, etc.).


- Personal pick-up in our site in Slovakia, Šamorín, Senecká cesta 18/A
- Delivery to the pick-up point of the Packeta SK network
- Home Delivery by Packeta Courier


- Delivery to the pick-up point Packeta CZ
- Home Delivery by Packeta Courier

Other EU countries

 - Standard Home Delivery by Courier (according to current country availability)

- Home Delivery by FedEx courier


Delivery to other countries is only possible by prior agreement and after checking the available transport options.

How to Pay

You can pay as it suits you best. We offer you a wide range of options:

  1. Payment card
    This most common method of payment is especially popular for its speed and security for both parties to the business relationship. This will ensure that you make the order and payment together and you no longer have to think that it will have to be paid upon delivery or after sending the order. This way, your order will be processed immediately. At the same time, this method of payment, through your bank, provides you with a guarantee of a refund in the event that the seller to whom you paid for the goods did not deliver it and did not return the amount paid. This cannot happen to us in any case, but it is good to have this type of additional certainty. We use a secure payment gateway that guarantees the anonymity of your credit card information, so that we, as a merchant, will not be able to access your credit card information. We will only receive information on whether the payment was successful or not. The payment gateway offers payments via the most common types of cards VISA, MasterCard, AmeX and also via Apple Pay.

  2. Wire transfer
    If you do not have or for some reason do not want to use your payment card, we offer you an alternative payment by transfer order from your account to our account. After sending the order, you will receive a confirmation email with information for payment by bank transfer. When paying by bank transfer, carefully check the account number, the total amount to be paid and also the variable symbol so that we can correctly assign the payment to your order. We have our account for payments in EUR in Slovenská sporiteľňa, so if you have an account in this bank, we should receive your payment almost immediately and thus speed up the processing of your order. The same applies if you take advantage of the novelty from February 2022, immediate payments, from the accounts of banks that are involved in this system. Currently, it is Slovenská sporitelňa, Tatra Banka, Raiffeisen Bank and VÚB Banka. Payments from other banks are usually credited to our account the next business day after they are posted.
    For customers from the Czech Republic who pay in CZK, we offer the option of payment directly to our Czech account maintained at Fio banka. You have the opportunity to make a domestic transfer within the Czech Republic and not pay the conversion fees or international transfer fees that some banks charge.

  3. Cash on delivery - payment upon delivery
    For customers from Slovakia and the Czech Republic only, we offer the option to pay cash on delivery upon delivery of the goods. This method is still quite popular in our countries, so you will also find it in our offer of payment options. Cash on delivery has the advantage that you do not have to pay immediately and at the same time your order will be received immediately for further processing. You pay in cash or by credit card when the goods are delivered directly to the courier or at the point of issue.
    This payment option is not available for delivery to other countries.