The joy of little things

Each of us was a child, and in each of us there is a child also today, it just depends on how much we allow to express it. Dreaming, enjoying and making each other happy is allowed at any age. MELLOW creates original design and things that will take you into the world of dreams and fantasies and will make you happy in the most common activities. In our business, we pay attention to local origin, originality, ethical and sustainable production, and together with our partners we bring you products with higher added value, which will make you happy when using them.

We produce in Slovakia

Local production is our characteristic. It is a principle that we have respected since the beginning of our brand and we adhere to it. Local production is of great importance to us, as we want to develop mainly the environment and the society in which we live. Therefore, we decided at the very beginning to produce in Slovakia and under our own control in our own workshop. All the funds we obtain from the sale of our products thus remain in Slovakia in the form of wages for our skilled employees and reliable suppliers. We buy materials from suppliers from neighboring countries or from EU countries.


The resources our planet provides us are not all inexhaustible, and our generation must seriously consider using sustainable and renewable resources to maintain the exhaustible ones. Each of us should contribute a small part to solving these problems, which is why we at Mellow strive to keep our production processes as sustainable as possible, using natural materials where possible, using locally available resources, and creating pleasant and fair conditions for our employees. working conditions.


When our brand was created, we were serious about the ecological approach and we were very concerned that our production did not leave negative traces on the environment in which we live. Therefore, we are constantly striving to improve this approach and we are constantly looking for ways to minimize the burden on the environment. We strive to use sustainable materials, recycle materials as much as possible and thus give our customers the certainty that by purchasing our products they do not burden the environment unnecessarily.

There is a piece of child in each of us

We're all young together

We have design, stories and dreams in our blood and we do things that will make you happy in their daily use. We think that such a common thing as a pillow or a blanket can, in addition to their benefits, also bring joy to their use. There is a child of all ages in each of us. Each of us will certainly remember our childhood, when he had his favorite heroes or favorite characters and made him happy. We want to bring you this joy again.